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Alabama FOCUS
High School Graduation Requirements in Alabama

Beginning with the Class of 2000, students must meet new, more stringent requirements to earn a regular Alabama high school diploma or a diploma with a regular advanced academic endorsement—in addition to successfully completing the high school graduation examination.

The following courses are needed to graduate from high school in Alabama*

English Language Arts1 English 9 (1)
English 10 (1)
English 11 (1)
English 12 (1)
Mathematics2 (4 credits) Algebra I (1)
Geometry (1)
math elective (1)
math elective (1)
Science3 (4 credits) Biology (1)
a physical science (1)
science elective (1)
science elective (1)
Social Studies1 (4 credits) Grade 9 (1)
U.S. History (1)
World History (1)
Economics (½)
Government (½)
Additional Courses Physical Education (1)
Health Education (½)
Fine Arts (½)
Computer Applications4 (½)
Additional electives5 (5½)

*Credits to include the equivalent of courses listed.
1For the diploma with advanced academic endorsement, advanced levels of the above courses must be included.
2For the diploma with advanced academic endorsement, advanced levels of algebra with trigonometry must be included.
3For the diploma with advanced academic endorsement, advanced levels of the above courses plus an additional life and/or physical science must be included.
4May be waived if computer literacy, keyboarding skills and introductory applications are verified by qualified staff at the high school. The designated one-half credit would be added to the electives, making a total of six electives.
5For the diploma with advanced academic endorsement, the student must successfully complete two credits in the same foreign language.

Local boards must offer foreign languages, fine arts, physical education, wellness education, vocational and technical preparation, and driver education as electives.

Vocational/technical programs with a strong emphasis on academic content provide instruction that includes high levels of math and science. Students can earn embedded credit via required basic core academic courses in conjunction with a designated, sequential vocational program. Only one embedded credit may be earned in any area of the core curriculum. A student may earn a maximum of two such credits.

Contact specific institutions for course requirements and admission criteria.

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